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 Guidance on businesses and premises that must remain closed and exceptions, updated 25.3.20


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New to Stoke Road

and a bit of history

has opened at
4 Portland Buildings, Stoke Road

Musical instruments and repairs

kouga guitars


In the 1930s, H H Thatcher & Co., wine & spirit merchants, were at 4 Portland Buildings and they were still there in the fifties and possibly the sixties



Mortgage and financial advice

has opened at
4 Stokesway, Stoke Road

a2b financial services




Shop Small

Extract from a Gosport Borough Council press release:

Gosport Borough Council is actively encouraging local residents to shop local, and businesses to source local to help local businesses, the local economy and the community.

• Research shows that for every £100 spent in a local business, £68 is likely to stay in the community helping the local economy.

• Independent shops create a distinctive and diverse shopping experience.  You might be surprised by the range of products, services and gifts available in your local shops

• More people shopping locally will not only help existing independent shops to continue trading but also encourage more local businesses to start up
— you will be helping to sustain and create local jobs.

• Local businesses support a wide range of community causes.  Supporting local shops, therefore, provides a financial benefit for your local community.

Small businesses are very important to a town, providing jobs and services, so residents are encouraged to support them whenever possible.  You can find out more about providers located at our main local shopping centres by visiting them physically or virtually at:

• Gosport High Street

• Stoke Road

But let’s not forget the other small shopping centres across Gosport, the lifeblood of our communities, as are small businesses everywhere. 



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